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Let’s Work Together!

If you’re interested in learning how to teach with your gifts in mind, why wait?

Professional Learning Service

Each research-based professional learning session is uniquely designed to empower you to access the gifts that you were born with as an educator through 1-2 Day Workshop formats.

My professional learning sessions address categories that align with my experiential expertise. I make a conscientious effort to only design and deliver professional learning that empowers my own innate abilities. I love teaching educators! The session topics are as follows:

  • Coaching with Authenticity: Leveraging the Strengths that Exist within Every Educator

    Intended Audience: Instructional Coaches, Teacher Leaders, Administration

    Category: Instructional Coaching

    Session Length: 1 Day (8 hours)

  • Lesson Planning: “Good to Great” Impact for the Intentional Educator

    Intended Audience: Teachers, Teacher Leaders, Instructional Coaches

    Category: Curriculum & Instruction

    Session Length: 2 Days (16 hours)

  • I Am My Classroom: Build Lasting Culture with my 3R Structure of Success Technique

    Intended Audience: Teachers, Teacher Leaders

    Category: Classroom Management

    Session Length: 2 Days (16 hours)

  • Preventing Through the Cracks Instruction

    Intended Audience: Campus Leaders

    Category: Cultural Awareness

    Session Length: 1 Day (8 hours)

Note: Please contact me via email for pricing and professional learning session details.

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Let’s Work Together!

If you’re interested in creating a school of intentional educators, why wait?

Consultation Service

Each consultation program is intentionally designed to collaborate with campus leadership in an effort to impact internal systemic change and improve the instructional practices of classroom teachers.

Sometimes, a workshop just isn’t enough to make the change you envision as a leader on your campus. I offer a more prescriptive approach in helping you empower your gifts and the gifts of your staff. I have developed three different programs to support the individual needs of your campus:

  • Program Option One: Intentional Educator Leadership Boot Camp (6 Weeks)

  • Program Option Two: Intentional Educator Intensive (18 Weeks)

  • Program Option Three: Intentional Educator Institute (36 Weeks)

Client services include, but aren’t limited to the following dependent upon the program option selected and based on my personal interest, expertise, and availability.

  • One on One Coaching with campus leadership team and specific classroom teachers

  • Customized Professional Learning Workshops for campus leadership and classroom teachers.

  • Campus Action Plan Development Support

Note: Please contact me via email for pricing and program option details.