Lesson Two: DON'T RUN

Lesson Two: DON'T RUN

“Wisdom cries aloud in the street, she raises her voice in the markets.”

-Proverbs 1:20

She lives in you.

You breathe the same air.

She protects you.

You hear her voice loud and clear.

She sees you.

You believe her.

She gifts you with her understanding and comforts you with her knowledge.

You question her thinking with your logic.

She reminds you that logic is merely an illusion.

You’re scared and confused.

She gives you a glimpse into your future.

You can’t see how the dots will connect.

She tells you to trust her.

You ______________________.


The burnout is real and as the equity gap widens in a perpetual cycle of educational reform interpretations, our students can’t afford to get lost in translation while we resist the wisdom that speaks with such clarity asking…where are you going?

It is not uncommon to find yourself in a place of uncertainty at some point in your career. The ambiguity of it all challenges the core of you that believes you were meant for more. But what happens when your more is starting to feel like less and you’re unsure if your gift is making any strides in the RIGHT direction because it’s turning LEFT without your permission. The intentional educator allows the more to inspire adaptation and transformation, not evacuation.

When you were born to teach, running away from the call will be impossible.

Wisdom asks again…where are you going? The intentional educator doesn’t answer her question with vacancy. The intentional educator fills the position and accepts the call.


Are you running from a more that’s staring you in the face? What more are you looking for exactly?






Lesson Three: YOU DESERVE IT

Lesson Three: YOU DESERVE IT