My name is Courtney Cummings and one of the best feelings as an educator is to be heard.

To be accepted.

To be honored.

To be respected.

And when these essential feelings felt compromised, I knew that something had to change. I realized after my own burnout season that I would no longer settle for roles or responsibilities in the workplace that were not authentically grounded in my beliefs about education. Throughout an almost 15 year professional career, I have served and supported the work of public and non-profit educational organizations in various capacities (classroom teacher, department chair, campus instructional coach, district academic facilitator, and district instructional lead coach).

The Intentional Educator.png

If you have made it to this page, I am going to assume that you are an educator searching for something you can’t quite define yet. You know that you have more to offer and might even feel like the profession hasn’t really left room for you to be your authentic self. I believe that all educators are born with certain innate abilities that I like to call gifts. I encourage you to discover what these gifts actually are and teach/coach with your gifts in mind. So join our family of intentional educators and get ready to EMPOWER YOUR GIFTS!